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Franck Muller is one of the most renowned luxury watch brands for men and women. As Franck Muller watches are highly exclusive and expensive, a lot of fraudulent sellers try to earn bigger profit by selling fake Franck Muller watches. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the characteristics of the authentic Franck Muller watches before purchasing them.

There are numerous unauthorized distributors of luxury watches on the market, and it would be such a waste to purchase fake timepieces with a significant amount of money. If you’re planning to buy a Franck Muller watch, make sure you know all the characteristics of an authentic Franck Muller watch. Here they are, as curated from various sources!

How to Distinguish Authentic and Fake Franck Muller Watches

1. Pay Attention to the Franck Muller Logo

Distinguishing between an authentic Franck Muller watch and a fake one isn’t too difficult, especially if you’re used to seeing authentic watches. One way to do so is by paying attention to the Franck Muller logo on the watch.

Fake watches can have variations on the logo, such as the cutting, shape, and other aspects. When buying a Franck Muller watch, pay attention to the logo. Are there missing letters, asymmetrical shapes, and variations in color?

2. Check the Case, Dial, and Crown

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After checking the shape, color, and cutting of the logo, check the case, dial, and crown before buying a Franck Muller watch. One of the characteristics of an authentic Franck Muller watch is the glow-in-the-dark hands. Also, there’s no glue used to put the watch components together.

Check for glue residues, stains, or dust around the components. If you find them, the watch you’re viewing is most likely fake.

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3. Pay Attention to the Watch Engine

The next step to distinguish authentic and fake Franck Muller watches is checking the watch engine and components, such as the minute and second hands. Every Swiss watch has specific characteristics marked on its watch components.

If the Franck Muller watch you’re checking has no characteristics or signs on the components, it’s most likely fake. You can also take a look at the hand movement. If the second hand is jumping instead of sweeping gently, you’re holding a fake watch.

4. Check the Price of Franck Muller Watches

Price can be a telltale sign of whether a Franck Muller watch is authentic or fake. As Franck Muller is a luxury brand, their watch collections come in fantastically high prices.

Franck Muller watches are made of high quality materials. If you get an offer with a drastically cheaper price, half of the original price for example, the Franck Muller watch is almost certainly fake.

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5. Check the Watch Type and Serial Number

Every authentic watch has a particular type and serial number. These can be checked through the brand’s official website or offline store. Authentic Franck Muller watches can also be identified this way.


To differentiate authentic and fake Franck Muller watches, find out the type and serial number of the watch you want to buy. If they’re unknown or unlisted, the watch is definitely a fake.

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6. Buy from Official Stores or Trusted Distributors

cara membedakan franck muller asli dan palsu

To keep your hands off fake Franck Muller watches, make sure you buy them only from official stores of trusted distributors due to the huge number of luxury watch sellers on the market, especially online. Do more research about the store you’re planning to visit and read the reviews from other buyers.

Check the selling price, watch information, and warranty. If you feel that the information is insufficient or can’t be found on the official Franck Muller website, you might be dealing with a fake seller.

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Those are the characteristics of an authentic Franck Muller watch and some tips to identify them. Keep in mind that Franck Muller watches have a signature design; the shape is slightly curved to follow the shape of the wrist. The design of Franck Muller watch components is also highly intricate.

All these reasons make Franck Muller watches highly desired among luxury watch collectors. These watches are not only made with premium high quality materials, but also offer their own signature beauty and art. If you’re looking to buy Franck Muller watches, make sure you find a trusted source.

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