With the best materials which withstand extreme conditions and elegant designs, Rolex watches are known for their extremely high prices. Unfortunately, many fraudulent sellers reap profits from selling fake Rolex items. So how do you spot a fake Rolex from an authentic one before buying it?

Although they may look similar, fake Rolex watches will never match authentic ones. There are many ways to spot a fake Rolex before buying one from a luxury watches collector or retailer, such as its appearance and price. Learn the complete information on how to spot a fake Rolex here!

How to Spot a Fake Rolex

1. Check the Winding Crown

The first way to distinguish between a fake and an authentic Rolex is by checking the winding crown. As it is made from the best materials, original Rolex crowns have a shiny look. In addition, the engraved Rolex logo is well-proportioned, clear, and neat. Fake watch items have a duller and matte crown with a messy logo engraving that does not stand out when touched.

2. Check the Magnifying Glass on the Date Display

The magnifying glass on the date display is an important aspect that can help you spot a fake Rolex. Authentic Rolex watches have a well-proportioned magnifying glass with a 2.5x magnification, while fake ones only have a 1.5x magnification and are not well-proportioned.

3. Item Weight and Materials Used

Cara Membedakan Rolex Asli dan Palsu

Materials used for luxury watches like Rolex include stainless steel, ceramic, titanium, and more. These materials have excellent quality, enabling them to resist extreme conditions, scratches, and rust.

As a result, the watch’s weight is affected by the materials used. You can check the standard weight on the official website. If your Rolex watch is too light or heavy, it might be a fake.

4. Case Number and Serial Number

Another way to spot a fake Rolex from an authentic one is through the case and serial numbers. It’s no secret that these numbers need to be checked. In authentic Rolex watches, the engraving of these numbers has a consistent thickness and well-proportioned spacing.

Moreover, for Rolex watches released before 2005, the case number is found on the lugs, particularly on number 12, while the serial number is on number 6. For Rolex watches launched after 2005, the case number and serial number are found on the bezel inside the number 6. Therefore, don’t forget to check your Rolex watch release date so you can check the correct case number and serial number location.

5. Listen to the Second Hand Movement Sound

All new Rolex watches have an incredibly silent automatic movement, so you won’t hear any ticking when the secondhand moves in an authentic Rolex watch. It is a fake if you catch a ticking sound from your Rolex watch.

6. Check the Watch’s Lume in a Dark Place

Another way to spot a fake Rolex is by checking the lume quality in a dark place. Almost all watches are created to be readable even in the dark. In authentic Rolex watches, the lume will light up perfectly, and the watch will be visible. If the lume looks dull, it is a fake.

7. Find Out the Market Price

The market price can help you spot a fake Rolex. Please find out the market price of the Rolex watch you plan to buy and compare it with the price you offer. If the offer is much cheaper, you should be suspicious about the watch’s authenticity.

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Cara Membedakan Rolex Asli dan Palsu

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