There’s one thing we keep at the heart of our business: the people that matter to us, our valued clients and partners. Since the beginning, we have made our business decisions with you in mind. You’re the reason we started. You’re the reason we keep looking for ways to improve and stay competitive in the ever-evolving industry landscape. Your opinions matter. You matter.

This is what drives us to always provide you with the experience you deserve: the best. By giving you the best experience, we’re sharing our love and passion for luxury items with you. By giving you the best experience, we’re introducing you to the finest parts of the world of luxury. It’s not always easy, but we’re willing to innovate and elevate. That’s why, we’re super excited to announce that we’re merging our companies, Chronoluxe and Luxehouze, under one brand: LUXEHOUZE.

Chronoluxe was born in 2020 out of a love for exclusive luxury timepieces. We started this platform simply to share our passion with like-minded watch lovers. Today, Chronoluxe has grown to be one of the best platforms for luxury watches commerce in Asia, allowing people with the same love and passion from all around the region to meet and gather as a community.

Luxehouze was born in 2021 with the vision of becoming the world’s #1 platform for all things luxury-related. We started as a marketplace for luxury watches, but we aim to expand our product categories this year and include more items on our platform. Step by step, we’re on our way to making our vision come true.

Both companies are very dear to us, so it did take us a long time to consider this merger. However, it wasn’t a tough call when we put you first. We believe this merger is the best way for us to give you a complete end-to-end luxury experience; it’s the best way to provide you with better and wider services through Luxehouze. We believe it’s the right decision and we intend to prove it to you.

You’ll no longer find Chronoluxe at any online marketplace, but Luxehouze will be at these trusted platforms: Tokopedia, Carousell, Chrono24, and Blibli, waiting for your visit with a wider collection, bigger offers, and better services. Visit Luxehouze website and follow our Instagram account @luxehouze for news and updates on our products, events, and deals. Also stop by our boutique where we’ve always been, at Prosperity Tower 17D, and let us welcome you as Luxehouze to guarantee the best luxury experience.

Thank you for the trust you’ve put in our brands through the years. We can’t wait to do bigger and better things with you as our greatest supporters. We hope you’re as excited as we are, but if you do have any feedback, we’d like to hear it. Don’t hesitate to reach us at