Hermès offers a wide range of products, but its handbag collection is by far the most coveted. Due to their immense popularity, Hermès bags are frequently replicated. To avoid falling victim to counterfeits, it’s crucial to recognize the characteristics of an authentic Hermès Paris bag.

Many counterfeit Hermès bags can appear strikingly similar to the genuine ones at first glance. Without careful inspection, you might end up purchasing a fake. Therefore, let’s delve into the distinctive features that set a genuine Hermès bag apart from a replica.

Characteristics of Authentic Hermès Paris Bags

The authenticity of Hermès Paris bags is evident in the superior quality of their materials and craftsmanship. Here are the key characteristics to look for:

1. Impeccable and high-quality stitching

Every Hermès bag boasts meticulous and high-quality stitching. Each collection is sewn using intricate and varying techniques. 

For instance, the Birkin 25 features two double stitches near the handle, whereas the Birkin 30 has three double stitches. These stitches are uniformly aligned, showcasing a neat and precise finish, free from any signs of messiness.

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2. Distinctive scent of genuine leather

authentic hermes bags

One reason Hermès bags command such high prices is the premium leather used in their construction. Hermès consistently utilizes high-quality genuine leather.

Thus, a hallmark of an authentic Hermès Paris bag is the distinctive scent of genuine leather. This scent is unique and non-intrusive.

In contrast, counterfeit products often use synthetic leather, which emits a plastic-like and less pleasant odor.

3. Proportionally printed Hermès logo

When purchasing a Hermès bag, carefully examine the logo. Each Hermès bag features a logo that is proportionally and neatly printed. 

The logo should neither be too large nor too small. The lettering and color should be clear, not blurry, and should not resemble engraving. The ink used for the lettering should be neither too thick nor too thin, ensuring it is not faded. 

Every letter in the Hermès logo has the same color and size, with evenly spaced characters. If the logo appears untidy, the bag is likely a counterfeit. 

authentic hermes bags

4. High-quality box and dust bag materials

It’s not just the bag itself that you need to examine, but also the quality of the box and dust bag. Hermès boxes are characterized by their distinctive orange color and are made from smooth yet sturdy materials. 

Similarly, the dust bag is made from very soft material that will not scratch the Hermès bag. The logo on both the box and the dust bag is printed perfectly, with precise attention to color, size, and spacing.

5. No authenticity card

Another hallmark of an authentic Hermès Paris bag is the absence of an authenticity card. Unlike most other luxury brands that issue authenticity cards to guarantee genuineness, Hermès does not provide such cards for its collections. 

If the Hermès bag you are purchasing comes with an authenticity card, the bag likely is a fake.

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Does Hermès Have Serial Numbers?

Yes, each Hermès bag is crafted with a unique serial number. This serial number is an identifying feature that distinguishes one bag from another and also serves to guarantee the bag’s authenticity.

The location of the serial number varies from bag to bag. Generally, it can be found on the inner zipper or the inside of the bag near the zipper. Each Hermès bag has a different serial number. 

If you encounter bags with identical serial numbers, it’s a strong indication that the bag might be counterfeit.

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These are some of the key features of an authentic Hermès Paris bag that you should know before making a purchase. One of the best ways to avoid counterfeit Hermès bags is to buy from a trusted source.

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