In Hodinkee’s most recent video, John Mayer took the stage to unveil an exciting collaboration with none other than Ed Sheeran to co-create a daring, fresh G-SHOCK timepiece in close partnership with watch news and shopping site Hodinkee. 

While many folks have long recognized John Mayer’s passion for watches, it might come as a pleasant surprise to some that Ed Sheeran, recently lauded as a prominent collector and watch enthusiast on social media, is more than just a newcomer to the horological scene. 

In truth, Sheeran has been an avid watch collector for decades, even though he managed to keep it relatively under wraps.

So, what’s the story behind these two musicians teaming up with Hodinkee and Casio? And why did John Mayer decide to bring Ed Sheeran into the mix for this project?

G-SHOCK Ref. 6900 – “Subtract”, Curated by John Mayer

The collaboration with Ed Sheeran is just one piece of a more extensive project by Hodinkee. In this initiative, Hodinkee has invited multiple collaborators to craft limited-edition watches, and John Mayer is the mastermind curating the entire collection. 

Each participant in this project shares a connection with Mayer through music, design, or a shared passion for watches.

The debut piece from this project is the G-SHOCK Ref. 6900 – Subtract, drawing inspiration from Sheeran’s “Subtract” album cover. It’s an undeniably eye-catching timepiece, with its vibrant yellow exterior featuring captivating black paint splatters.

john mayer g shock

This watch sees the entire ensemble—case, dial, subdials, bezel, bracelet, and pushers—bathed in the album’s distinctive yellow hue, while the bracelet elegantly incorporates the black watercolor markings found on the cover art. 

The watch boasts a striking yellow resin case and strap, adorned with an abstract depiction of Sheeran’s visage on the dial. This artistic interpretation perfectly captures the dynamic spirit of the “Subtract” album.

To further pay homage to the album, a hand-drawn subtraction symbol graces the 12 o’clock position on the dial, mirroring the iconic Subtract album cover. 

The dial also features subtle shades and showcases the renowned G-SHOCK “Triple Graph” display framed in vibrant yellow.

This watch not only reflects the artistic essence of its creator but also offers top-notch precision. It comes packed with practical features such as a 1/100th Stopwatch, a Countdown Timer, and a Multi-Function Alarm, seamlessly blending both form and function.

Behind the G-SHOCK Limited Edition Inspired by Ed Sheeran

It seems that Sheeran had actually received a collaboration invitation about a year ago. Mayer personally reached out to him and asked if he’d be interested in creating a G-SHOCK together.

Taking to his Instagram account, Sheeran shared, “I’ve loved watches since I can remember but never thought about making my own one, but this is the perfect way to start.”

Before this, Sheeran had been spotted sporting the distinctive yellow G-SHOCK in public for the past six months, especially during his concerts. 

Many fans assumed it might have been a unique custom creation he personally designed. It was only revealed yesterday that this watch is, in fact, a limited-edition collaboration timepiece.

Sheeran’s connection to G-SHOCK adds an extra layer of significance to this timepiece. He’s expressed in several interviews that G-SHOCK holds a special place in his heart, and he hopes that this unique watch is a part of “Subtract” that fans can embrace, creating their own cherished memories with it.

For Sheeran, wearing a watch is a way to collect memories. Over the last six months, he’s been delighted to have the opportunity to don the yellow G-SHOCK while on tour, a timepiece that now embodies the very essence of his musical journey.

Hodinkee and John Mayer Collaboration: What’s Next?

Looking ahead, Hodinkee and John Mayer have an exciting lineup of limited-edition watches to unveil before the year draws to a close. In the upcoming three months, Hodinkee plans to introduce limited-edition timepieces in collaboration with three distinct artists.

Mayer’s involvement in this project has a deeply personal motivation. Speaking to GQ, he shared that he aspires to make the world of watch collecting more accessible to a broader audience.

“I don’t want the barrier to entry to watch collecting to be so high that it makes us feel bad that other people can’t come along for the ride,” Mayer said, reported by GQ

With this project’s announcement, numerous fans eagerly anticipate the forthcoming releases from Hodinkee. 

Given Mayer’s well-established reputation as a dedicated watch enthusiast, it’s safe to say that these future collaborations will maintain the same level of excellence as the one that drew inspiration from Sheeran’s “Subtract” album.