JAKARTA, 19 MEI 2023 – Owning luxury goods is certainly the dream of almost every person. With its beautiful slick designs, and also a careful craftsmanship make luxury goods a symbol of social status, furthermore, collecting luxury goods is also a new profitable investment. A luxury goods actually has a precious value with its exclusive and limited perception, due to the quality of the product, the material used, to the manufacturing process that requires special expertise. So the perception that exists in the community can cause the price offered to increase. However, on the other hand, issues of authenticity, limited stocks, also fluctuating and uncertain prices continue to be an obstacle to owning one.

This phenomenon has also become the background for the establishment of Luxehouze since two years ago, as a luxury goods marketplace that accommodates both buying and selling of luxury goods in Asia through world-class products, services and credibility. Recording success in Singapore, now Luxehouze has expanded and can be enjoyed by Indonesian. Indonesians can now access and find hundreds of curated collections of luxurious timepieces and leather goods from various international high-end brands, from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, Audemar Piguet to Hermès, that are 100% authentic at competitive prices through Luxehouze’s online and offline stores.

Shawn, Co-Founder Luxehouze said, “Founded by luxury goods enthusiasts, Luxehouze was built from the inspiration of its founders in helping other individuals who have a passion for luxury goods to be able to get them easily, quickly and safely, also with a competitive price on the market. So to help more consumers, Luxehouze is now also expanding to Indonesia. We know that having luxury goods is an investment that is timeless, therefore we also implement a strict verification process to ensure that the products we sell are 100% authentic. Not only that, we also guarantee the best prices for all the products we have and we are committed to match the prices we offer if consumers find a better price.”

By collaborating with trusted partners in the world, Luxehouze offers a wide range of product categories from various high-end brands through the Concierge service. This series of collections consists of watches such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, and other luxury watch brands, as well as a collection of leather goods, namely bags from Hermès. The condition of the products that Luxehouze has also varies, ranging from brand new products that are currently popular to high quality pre-owned products. Through these two categories, consumers can more easily find the desired product which is available for various styles and needs, from popular models with waiting lists to rare models or vintage items. With this variety of collections, Luxehouze has helped many clients to find the luxury goods they want, including top celebrity clients, such as Arnold Poernomo, Dimas Beck, Rob Clinton Cardinal, Valencia Tanoesoedibjo, and many others.

Accommodating the various needs of the Indonesian people for luxury goods, Luxehouze can also be a place to sell products from high-end brands that are owned on an end-to-end basis in various ways, including:

  • Consignment: Consumers can deposit their luxury goods, the Luxehouze team will check the conditions and authenticity, then promote them to a list of Luxehouze clients that are spread globally.
  • Trade In: Consumers can easily trade in their high-end brand products with the range of products that Luxehouze has.
  • Direct Sale: Consumers can also sell their luxury goods directly to Luxehouze at competitive prices.

Even more special, to enhance the luxurious and exclusive shopping experience, now consumers can also enjoy curated collections and interact with professional client advisors through the Luxehouze Boutique. Located in the center of Jakarta, consumers can see and try various luxury collections from Luxehouze, such as various bags from Hermès and a series of luxury watch models. Shawn Ting added, “After successfully opening our first offline store in Singapore, through Luxehouze Boutique in Indonesia, we also want to provide the same experience to consumers in Indonesia and make shopping for luxury goods easy and hassle-free.”

For more information about Luxehouze, visit the official website at https://id.luxehouze.com/.