Watches are one type of accessory that can complement or even elevate our look. Whether it’s for formal occasions or daily activities, choosing the right watch to wear makes us more attractive and confident. When choosing a watch, one may have several considerations, including the model, material, or brand. Not only that, but watch size is also another important factor to consider. Some tips can guide you in choosing the right watch size for men and women so that your watch can fit right around your wrist. Let’s discuss them below!

Selecting a Watch


There is no strict set of rules you need to follow when choosing a watch. In general, you should always make sure the watch you choose fits comfortably around your wrist, not being too tight or too loose. You’ll know the watch is the wrong size if it keeps slipping from your wrist, or leave a painful mark when worn for too long. Also, you need to ensure the letters or numbers, watch diameter size, and strap size looks proportional on your wrist. However, don’t just stop at the visual examination. You can go to the next step, which is measuring your wrist for a more precise choice.

How to Measure Your Wrist


Knowing your wrist size will greatly help you in choosing the right watch size, especially when it comes to choosing the watch case, case thickness, and strap thickness. Wrist sizes can be classified into several categories: thin, slim, medium, and thick.

You can easily measure your wrist by following these steps:

  1. Prepare a measuring tape
  2. Measure it around your wrist

If your wrist size is 14-16 cm, it falls under the thin category. 16-17 cm, 17-18 cm, and over 18 cm fall under the slim, medium, and thick categories respectively.

Choosing a Case Diameter Based on Wrist Size

So you got your wrist size. What now? You can now choose the watch with a case diameter that suits your wrist size best.

The case is one of the most significant parts of a watch. You’ll want the case to look proportional on your wrist. Watch case shapes comes in many shapes, such as round, rectangular, square, oval, tonneau, and avant-garde. If you’ve set your eyes on one of these shapes, you can pick one with the most suitable watch diameter size for your wrist.

Men Watch Sizes

In men’s watch sizes, the case diameter usually varies from 38 mm – 46 mm. For those of you with thin or slim wrists, you can go for cases with a diameter of 38, 40, or 42 mm. If you have a larger wrist, you can choose a case diameter of 44-46 mm.

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Women Watch Sizes

Women’s watch sizes are commonly smaller than men’s. If your wrist falls under the thin category, you’ll look good with a case diameter of 26-28 mm. Meanwhile, slimmer wrists can go for a 29-38 mm case, while larger wrists can pick a watch with a 39 mm case.

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Another simple method to help you in choosing your watch size, you can also divide your wrist size in mm with your watch diameter size. If the result is around 4-5, then the watch will suit you perfectly.

Let’s say your wrist size is 16 cm or 160 mm, and the case diameter of your dream watch is 40 mm. Divide 160 by 40, and you get 4. Congratulations, the watch will fit you well!

Choosing Watch Strap Thickness Based on Wrist Size


Choosing the proper watch strap thickness is just as important as case diameter. Watch straps come in different models and materials, such as leather, nylon, rubber, and metal. Ideally, the perfect watch strap thickness is half the size of your case diameter. If your wrist is slim and your case diameter is 40 mm, your watch strap should have a thickness of around 20 mm. Don’t worry, once again, you don’t have to strictly follow this rule. You can still pick the thickness, material, and model you desire as long as you feel comfortable and confident when wearing your watch.

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Choosing Case Thickness Based on Wrist Size

The next thing to consider is case thickness. Case thickness is just as essential as case diameter and watches strap thickness. It may not look that significant, but the right case thickness will look better on your wrist.

As a rule of thumb, the case thickness should be proportional to the watch’s diameter size. That way, the wider the case diameter, the thicker the case should be. This means that you can choose a watch with a thicker case as long as the diameter is wide enough and looks good on your wrist. Usually, a 38-42 mm case will have a thickness of 7 mm while cases 44 mm and above will have a thickness of at least 9 mm.

Choosing Watch Models Based on Wrist Size

Next, to help you in finding the right watch model, you can adjust it with your wrist size too. If you have a thin or slim wrist size, you’ll look good in watches with thin cases. You can also go for leather straps rather than those made of metal as metal straps tend to look bulkier and thicker.

Medium wrists would look great in various watch models. If this is you, you can pick watches with larger straps or even metal ones for a bolder look.

If your wrist is thicker, you can choose classic and vintage watches, such as chronograph types. These watches will look classy on large wrists.

Other Factors to Consider when Choosing a Watch


Aside from watch sizes, other considerations can help you pick the right watch to buy. Here are several other factors to help you discover the watch that embodies your style and preference.

Consider the Watch’s Material

Watches come in different materials for their case and straps that match people with different preferences. For example, a rubber strap watch will suit those of you who want a more casual and informal look, while leather ones will help you look more professional and elegant.

Consider the Watch’s Movement

The movement of a watch brings life to it and is just as important as its design. Watches with Swiss movements, such as mechanical or quartz movements, are best for luxury watch enthusiasts. These types of movements are of high value due to their intricate and technical details.

Adjust Watches to Your Skin Tone

For those of you with fair or light skin tone, you can go for different watch colors, from bright to dark shades. If you have a darker skin tone, bold or neutral watches will look best.

Looking for Luxury Watches?


Now that you know how to find the perfect watch size for men and women, remember that these tips are simply a guideline to assist you. You should still have the liberty of choosing a watch that speaks out your true style and makes you feel more confident!

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