Discussing how to store luxury watches properly brings excitement, especially when these timepieces aren’t on your wrist. For avid collectors, managing an extensive watch collection poses a challenge, as wearing every piece simultaneously is impossible.

Preserving a luxury watch demands a distinct approach compared to storing other accessories. Incorrect storage not only risks diminishing the watch’s quality but can also impact its overall value. 

If you’re a collector seeking guidance on adequately storing your cherished timepieces, delve into the following insights to ensure optimal care.

Pro Tips: How to Store Luxury Watches Properly

Surprisingly, incorrect storage practices can significantly impact the quality and value of a luxury watch. Beyond being a mere accessory, a luxury timepiece requires careful storage to prevent damage. 

Even when unworn, inadequate storage can harm its condition. Here are some tips on how to store luxury watches properly to ensure their longevity.

1. Keep watches facing upward

Numerous methods exist for storing watches and various tools designed for the task. Regardless of the chosen method or tools for luxury watch storage, a crucial guideline is to place watches face up in their designated containers consistently.

This aspect holds significant importance, as the face of the timepiece is the first feature that catches people’s attention. Placing watches face down increases the risk of breakage, scratches, or damage to the watch face. 

Once the face is damaged, repairs become more challenging. Therefore, always prioritize storing your luxury watches with their faces upward to ensure their optimal condition.

2. Use a storage case

how to store luxury watches properly

Luxury timepieces require a specialized approach to storage. Avoid stashing them in a drawer or cabinet. Instead, invest in a proper case designed for the purpose.

A quality storage case plays a crucial role in safeguarding your watches. These cases typically feature individual compartments, ensuring that your watches are stored without the risk of them touching or rubbing against each other.

Most compartments come equipped with interior cushioning, adding an extra layer of protection for your timepieces. 

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a sleek leather case ideal for travel or choose a case with a glass lid, perfect for those with a diverse collection who like to rotate their watches daily.

3. Check and clean watches regularly

Despite storing your watches in a high-quality case, occasionally opening and taking them out is essential. It’s easy to overlook luxury items in storage and assume they remain safe and secure.

Dirt can find its way into storage cases, so it’s prudent to regularly check and clean your timepieces, even if you have yet to make plans to wear them. 

This doesn’t need to be a frequent task. It’s recommended to inspect and clean watches that are safely stored in a case at least once a year.

4. Use a safe for extra protection

When handling high-end watches, investing in a dedicated safe is advisable, particularly for storing luxury timepieces. Watches of this caliber hold significant market value, and numerous reports of thefts have targeted valuable collections.

Storing your watches in a safe effectively reduces the risk of them being taken in the unfortunate event of a burglary. 

However, it’s important to note that using a specialized storage case before placing your watches inside the safe is still recommended.

5. Consider using a watch winder

Did you know that in addition to regular storage cases, there are specialized options designed to wind your watches automatically, even when not in use? These are known as watch winder storage cases.

A watch winder is ideal for preserving automatic watches and ensures that your timepieces remain accurate while in storage. Typically featuring multiple slots, a watch winder allows you to simultaneously safeguard more than one watch.

Select a watch winder with precision pre-set turning sessions per day. Additionally, opt for one constructed with PU leather to prevent the build-up of static electricity, which could potentially harm the delicate mechanisms of your watches.

Should You Store a Watch On Its Side?

Avoid storing your watches horizontally by laying them on their side. This is a crucial aspect of mastering how to store luxury watches properly.

This guideline applies universally to all types of timepieces, not just automatic ones. When watches are placed on their side, the dial becomes more susceptible to scratches and damage. 

It’s essential to steer clear of positioning the watch with the crown facing down, as this increases the risk of being knocked over or sustaining damage, potentially leading to a broken crown.

Interestingly, placing a watch on its side can remedy a timepiece that tends to run too fast. If your watch exhibits this behavior, consider storing it on its side to introduce more friction and slow down its movement. Additional insights on such adjustments can often be found in the watch’s manual.

Selecting the Ideal Watch Storage Case

As previously mentioned, a storage case is the most recommended way to safeguard your timepieces, whether stored in a safe, drawer, or cabinet.

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how to store luxury watches properly

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