For the last few months, speculation has been rife across various forums regarding the future of the Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Pepsi.’ Some fans suggest the famous blue and red 24-hour bezel is on the brink of discontinuation.

This speculation comes from the belief that the failure rate in the production is so high. This has sparked worries that Rolex might stop making them altogether. But is that going to happen?

As of now, Rolex has not issued any official statement addressing the circulating rumors. The company has remained silent on this matter. 

Thus, uncertainty persists among watch enthusiasts regarding the potential discontinuation of the beloved ‘Pepsi.’ Given its status as one of Rolex’s iconic GMT-Master II watches, once cherished by numerous collectors, the lack of official information has left many in suspense.

Decline of Rolex GMT ‘Pepsi’ Stock in the Secondary Market

According to WatchAnalytics, the rumors gain support from a decline in the number of Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Pepsi’ watches hitting the secondary market. This suggests a potential drop in sales at official retailers.

As we know, when fewer watches are available in circulation, their prices tend to rise in the secondhand market. With a decreasing number of GMT ‘Pepsi’ watches in the secondary market, their prices gradually increase.

WatchAnalytics reports that since August 2023, there has been a surge in market prices, pushing the value beyond IDR 339,000,000. This upward trend indicates a notable shift in the market dynamics for Rolex GMT ‘Pepsi’ watches.

rolex pepsi

The rising price of the GMT ‘Pepsi’ is noteworthy, especially considering that in 2023, numerous Rolex watches witnessed a dip in costs on the secondary market. 

According to the Bloomberg Subdial Watch Index, Rolex saw a significant 2.2% decrease in market prices. And Rolex isn’t alone – other luxury watch brands, like Omega and Cartier, also faced a similar price decline.

Now, as the GMT ‘Pepsi’ becomes scarcer and commands higher prices in the secondhand market, there’s growing chatter among fans about the possibility of it being discontinued. However, it’s crucial to note that, as of now, this remains just a rumor.

How to Respond to Rumors in the Watch Industry

In the watch industry, rumors are par for the course. Over time, various speculations have circulated about specific watch models or brands. Some have materialized, while others remain unconfirmed.

When confronted with a rumor, a comprehensive assessment becomes imperative. Begin by examining the broader market trends within the watch industry. 

Consider the current course for Rolex and its GMT-Master II watch collection. Evaluate the significance of the GMT ‘Pepsi’ and ponder how potential discontinuation might impact Rolex.

While enthusiasts globally engage in speculation, the ultimate resolution hinges on an official statement from Rolex. Until such an announcement is made, we navigate the realm of possibilities, grounded in a careful analysis of market dynamics and industry trends.

rolex pepsi

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