Apa itu Tachymeter

What is a tachymeter and how do you use it? A tachymeter is one of the features in a watch that helps measure speed. This feature has been implemented in mechanical watches since the 1800s.

Many people still can’t differentiate between a tachymeter and a chronograph. A chronograph was initially used to track the movement of space objects, but it has evolved into a stopwatch.

What about a tachymeter? A tachymeter is generally used to measure time and travel distance for sprinters, swimmers, and racers. There are many other aspects that can be measured with this feature.

The Origin and Functions of Tachymeter

When discussing tachymeters, the significance of chronographs cannot be ignored. In 1821, Louis Moinet designed a chronograph watch to observe the movement of space objects. Then, in 1930, many watch brands manufactured watches with tachymeter scales.

The scales added to those watches are the telemeter to measure distance and the pulsometer to measure heartbeat in humans. In the 1950s, Heuer, now widely known as Tag Heuer, produced the first chronograph watch with a tachymeter scale.

One of the unique things about Tag Heuer designs is that the tachymeter digits were placed on the side of the watch dial or bezel. This is one of the most sophisticated watch features in that era, making the watch even more useful.

How to Use a Tachymeter

Apa itu Tachymeter

It’s actually quite easy to use a tachymeter. First, you need to position the second hand at number 12. To do this, you can press the pusher below the crown.

If the object being measured for speed has passed the starting line, you can press the upper pusher above the crown. After the object has reached the finish line, click the same pusher.

The chronograph hand will show the speed of the measured object. The tachymeter scale usually comes in tens or fives, such as 60, 65, 70, and so on.

If the number shown is within those ranges, you can make an estimate. The tachymeter scale is usually in 1 km. If the distance traveled is less than this, you need to readjust it.

For example, if a swimmer needs 20 seconds to reach the finish line in a 100 m pool, and the chronograph shows the number 160, you can change km to m first.

1000 m (1 km):100 = 10

160:10 = 16 km/hour

In conclusion, the swimmer is able to swim 16 km in one hour.

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Apa itu Tachymeter

That is the information about what a tachymeter is, its origin, and how to use it. Tachymeters can be used to measure speed or even the number of products a factory produces.

Although it is not commonly used, you can still enjoy its function in your daily life to make the most use out of your watch. There are many watch brands that offer tachymeter features to choose from.

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