Patek Philippe, a leading luxury watch brand, has recently made a significant announcement regarding their watch collection. In early February, they revealed which watches they are discontinuing starting in 2024.

What makes this announcement surprising is its timing. It comes well ahead of the anticipated Watches & Wonders event, scheduled for next month. 

Typically, brands unveil discontinued items alongside new additions to their catalog during this event. With still a month to go until the event, Patek Philippe may take some time before refreshing their catalog with new offerings.

A List of Discontinued Patek Philippe Watches 2024

Patek Philippe has announced a selection of watches that will cease production starting in 2024. This includes the Patek Philippe Aquanaut, Nautilus, Calatrava, Grand Complications, and Twenty~4 Watch.

1. Nautilus Model

Five Nautilus watches are set to be discontinued, marking a notable shift in Patek Philippe’s lineup. The initial two models to be phased out are the Nautilus Moonphase 5712G-001 and 5712R-001. 

The white gold Nautilus Moonphase 5712G-001 and the rose gold Nautilus Moonphase 5712R-001 are discontinued despite their presence in the collection since 2006. These models represent the leather strap variations of the Nautilus Moonphase reference 5712. 

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However, there’s still an opportunity to acquire the Nautilus 5712G-001 model at Luxehouze, even as it enters the discontinuation phase. Luxehouze also still has the Nautilus 5712R-001 in our collection. 

Additionally, there are three Nautilus Chronograph models: the 5980R-001, 5980/1R-001, and 5980/1AR-001. 

These include the rose gold 5980R-001 with a leather strap, the full rose gold 5980/1R-001 featuring an integrated bracelet, and the two-tone steel and rose gold 5980/1AR-001 also with an integrated bracelet.

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2. Aquanaut Model

In addition to the Nautilus, certain Aquanaut models will also be discontinued. Among them are some that have garnered significant popularity and recognition.

The first model on the list is the Aquanaut Luce Travel Time 5269/200R. This marked the debut of the Aquanaut Luce series, where “Luce,” Italian for “light,” denotes ladies’ Aquanaut models adorned with diamond bezels. 

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Next, we have the discontinuation of the Aquanaut Travel Time 5164A-001. Introduced in 2011, this model earned acclaim as one of the trendiest Aquanauts, mainly due to its practical dual-time feature. While the steel version bids farewell, the rose gold Aquanaut 5164R-001 remains available.

Another model being phased out is the Aquanaut Luce Haute Joaillerie 5062/450R-001. Unveiled in 2017 to commemorate the collection’s 20th anniversary, this High Jewelry Aquanaut dazzles with 303 brilliant- and baguette-cut diamonds adorning its case, dial, bezel, and clasp. 

While the 38.8mm version meets its end, Patek Philippe retains the smaller (and less diamond-laden) Aquanaut 5072R-001 in its current lineup.

Thankfully, Luxehouze still carries a selection of these models, including the Aquanaut 5269/200R-001, priced starting from IDR 1,152,000,000, and the Aquanaut 5062/450R-001.

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3. Calatrava Pilot Model

Patek Philippe has also discontinued their esteemed Calatrava Pilot Travel Time collection, specifically the models 7234R-001 and 7234G-001. 

In 2018, Patek Philippe introduced a mid-sized iteration of its Pilot Travel Time Calatrava watch with the reference 7234R-001, featuring a 37.5mm rose gold case. 

Two years later, in 2020, a white gold variant, the 7234G-001, was unveiled. These mid-sized Pilot Travel Time Calatrava watches have now been discontinued by Patek Philippe, leaving only the larger 42mm versions (ref. 5524R and 5524G) in production.

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4. Complication Model

Patek Philippe has streamlined its assortment of intricate timepieces by discontinuing several references, including a world time model and several annual calendar watches. Among them is the World Time 5230P-001, which had a brief production span of less than two years.

At Watches & Wonders 2022, the brand unveiled the platinum model with a blue guilloché dial. However, the rose gold 5230R-012 and white gold 5230G-014 World Time watches were phased out a few months before the release of the platinum variant. Now, the platinum World Time 5230 has also been discontinued.

Another complex model is the Annual Calendar 5147G-001, an enchanted version of the classic Patek Annual Calendar 5146, debuting in 2005.

Furthermore, the Annual Calendar 5396R-015 and 5396G-011 have been removed from production. The Annual Calendar ref. 5396 debuted in 2006, marking the first instance of pairing the Calatrava case with the annual calendar complication, an innovation by Patek Philippe. 

The watch has been crafted in rose gold (5396R) and white gold (5396G) variations, each featuring various dial styles over the years.

However, the rose gold 5396R-015 with a blue dial, along with the baguette-diamond hour markers, has been discontinued in 2024, as well as the white gold 5396G-011 with a silvery opaline dial. Among those watches, the Complications 5230R-012 is still available at Luxehouze.

5. Other Model

In addition to the previously mentioned watches, several other models are slated for discontinuation. 

The first is the Perpetual Calendar with Retrograde Hand 5160/500G-001, unveiled at Baselworld 2010. This iteration was distinguished by its fully hand-engraved design, a variant of the Perpetual Calendar with Retrograde Hand.

Furthermore, there’s the Twenty~4 Automatic ref. 7300/1200R-011, which entered the market in 2021 as a rose gold edition featuring a gilded rose-gold sunburst dial and a bezel adorned with diamonds.

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In addition to these discontinuations, Patek Philippe has implemented an average price increase of just under 7% across all models this year. A total of 16 references are being removed from Patek Philippe’s catalog, comprising both short-lived and long-standing productions.

Even though these watches are no longer being produced, they are still available through the secondhand market. Alternatively, for those seeking newer versions, some models remain accessible through Luxehouze.

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