Richard Mille has officially opened its largest flagship store in the world, right in the heart of Singapore’s upscale shopping district, the renowned Orchard Road. 

To mark this momentous occasion, the brand hosted a star-studded launch event last week, welcoming guests from diverse backgrounds, including JJ Lin, Jackie Chan, Show Lo, and many more. 

With the opening of this expansive boutique in Singapore, they have elevated their presence to an entirely new level. The store is the brand’s most expansive boutique globally, covering an impressive 696.7 square meters of prime retail real estate at 1 St Martin’s Drive.

Richard Mille’s Largest Flagship Store, Newly Open in Singapore

Typically, when you step into a watch store, you’re greeted by various timepieces on display. However, that’s different from the scene you’ll encounter at the newly opened Richard Mille flagship store on St. Martin’s Drive in Singapore.

richard mille singapore
Source: Richard Mille

Before its transformation into the brand’s flagship store, this space used to house a restaurant. Thanks to its generous size, it now boasts a dining area, a sports bar, a watchmaking counter, and even a hidden library. 

According to the South China Morning Post, it took approximately three years to construct this unique establishment.

The store’s architectural design was masterminded by the brand’s in-house team in their Paris headquarters, drawing inspiration from the concept of a speakeasy. 

The space’s open, airy layout aims to provide customers with a welcoming and informal ambiance, fostering a sense of closeness and an intimate connection among friends. It evokes that instinctive feeling of being right at home.

A Closer Look Inside Richard Mille’s Singapore Store

The journey into the St. Martin store begins with a stroll down a lengthy corridor, a sneak peek of what this extraordinary space has in store. Hidden within this corridor is the heart of the establishment, a library space that feels more like a cozy living room. 

richard mille singapore
Source: South China Morning Post

Curved bookshelves adorned with an impressive collection of art and design books hug the walls, while plush couches and armchairs beckon visitors to sink in and savor the surroundings. 

At the center of it all stands a captivating creation by the French artist William Amor—an olive tree adorned with green leaves meticulously crafted from recycled plastic waste. 

This artful nod pays homage to the South of France, where Richard Mille himself spent his formative years, and is just one of the many Mediterranean-inspired design elements that connect with the brand’s co-founder.

Once you step into the library, you’re granted access to eleven distinct spaces, each designed with a unique purpose. 

At the core lies an open crafting space where the brand’s skilled watchmakers (four in total here in Singapore) can skillfully disassemble timepieces, offering clients an up-close view of the Richard Mille’s watch technology, intricate components, and movements through a magnified display. 

This craftsmanship hub serves as a focal point of the St. Martin flagship, putting the art of watchmaking in the spotlight for clients to truly appreciate the intricacies behind each creation.

The remainder of the space is less about showcasing products and more about creating a hospitable and inviting environment. 

There’s a sports room adorned with memorabilia autographed by the brand’s associated athletes, sourced from Richard Mille locations around the globe. For those seeking tranquility, there’s a cozy outdoor riad. 

richard mille singapore
Source: South China Morning Post

Inspiration Behind the Singapore Flagship Store’s Creation

According to Vogue, the flagship store is built around the philosophy of “nurturing human connections.” Richard Mille Asia’s executive director, Bryan Tan, has underlined the central focus on the “art of hospitality,” and they’ve certainly succeeded. 

High-end watch boutiques can often be daunting, but with their St. Martin flagship, Richard Mille has managed to create a space so inviting that leaving it becomes a reluctant prospect.

With the opening of their new store in Singapore, Richard Mille has clearly demonstrated their commitment to expanding further into the Southeast Asian market. 

Now, enthusiasts of Richard Mille watches from across Southeast Asia can savor the experience of leisurely browsing and connecting with fellow collectors by simply paying a visit to the store.