Every new year, it’s common for brands to release new collections, including Rolex. Rolex fans are excited to welcome new designs, colors, materials, and other surprises from their favorite brand. At the beginning of the year, Rolex’s 2023 predictions have been the talk of their fans.

Cited from multiple sources, some predictions of what Rolex has in store for 2023 include using a more solid gold in the Datejust series, a new dial color for the Submariner series, and many more. Of course, every new collection will indeed hold its value, especially for limited edition ones. So what are the Rolex 2023 predictions? Check them out here!

Rolex 2023 Watch Model Predictions

1. Pure Gold for the Datejust Series

One of the Rolex 2023 predictions uses pure gold for the Datejust series. This year, Rolex will likely release a Datejust watch with a Jubilee bracelet in yellow or rose gold. Previously, pure gold was used for the Daytona series. Rolex watch fans highly anticipate this prediction for the Datejust series.

2. A New Dial Color for the Submariner Series

Rolex is one of the luxury watch brands with signature dial colors. Apart from black and white, their collections include stunning blue and green dials that attract many watch collectors. This 2023, Rolex will likely have a red dial for their Submariner collection.

3. Two-Tone in the GMT-Master II Series

The GMT-Master II watch is one of the most successful and highly sought collections among watch collectors. One of the most iconic parts of this series is the two-tone bezel, such as the red and black or red and blue bezel.

Blue and green have a remarkable history in Rolex’s previous releases. The following Rolex 2023 prediction is a new color for the bezel of the GMT-Master II, green and blue. Are you excited for this collection?

4. Launch of a New Model

A new model is a must for brands every year, including Rolex. Various sources have mentioned that Rolex will announce its latest collection this upcoming March 27, 2023, at Watches & Wonders, an annual prestigious watch event. So it would make sense for them to promote their next model here.

5. Addition of a Sports Watch for Women

Another Rolex 2023 prediction is the addition of a women’s sports watch. Many women have used sports watches from the Datejust series, but many other brands also have those. Rolex might step up their game and release new sports watches for women from other series, such as the Submariner.

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Those are some predictions for Rolex in 2023. If you are a fan of luxury watches, especially them, their new releases must be worth waiting for, as they bring fresh innovations to your favorite watch collections.

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