The GMT-Master II stands as one of Rolex’s most renowned watch collections. Within this lineup, the Rolex Coke and Pepsi models frequently draw comparisons.

Though unofficial, these titles stem from enthusiasts’ affection rather than Rolex’s official terminology. They derive from the watches’ distinctive dual-color bezels, resembling the hues of Pepsi branding and Coca-Cola.

Given the frequent comparison of these models, many may wonder about their nuances. This article attempts to delve into their disparities.

The Birth of Legends: Rolex GMT-Master II

rolex coke vs pepsi

The journey of GMT-Master II started in 1954 with the release of the first GMT-Master watch by Rolex, which was made especially for frequent travelers and professional pilots. Its unique feature was its dual-time zone display, which changed the game for those traveling across time zones in the modern era.

Introduced in 1983, the GMT-Master II was an improved version of its predecessor. This updated version kept the ability to switch between two time zones, but it also had several improvements, such as better movement and the recognizable two-color bezel. 

The first one came in a red and blue bezel that quickly led to it being dubbed ‘Pepsi’. Then, in the late 1980s, Rolex released another GMT-Master II with a red and black bezel which is now known as the ‘Coke’. 

The Coke and Pepsi models are related by their shared aviation background. The GMT-Master was first developed in partnership with Pan American World Airways to help pilots on long journeys maintain track of their home and destination times. 

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Rolex Coke vs Pepsi: What’s the Difference? 

Apart from the color discrepancy, are there any distinctions between the Rolex Pepsi and Coke models? Let’s delve into the explanation.

FeatureRolex GMT-Master II “Coke”Rolex GMT-Master II “Pepsi”
CaseOyster, 40 mm, OystersteelOyster, 40 mm, Oystersteel
BezelBidirectional rotatable 24-hour graduated, red and black CerachromBidirectional rotatable 24-hour graduated; Red and blue Cerachrom
StrapOystersteel bracelet (Oyster or Jubilee)Oystersteel bracelet (Oyster or Jubilee)
DialClassic black with luminous hour markersClassic black with luminous hour markers
MovementCaliber 3285, Self-winding, offering a power reserve of about 70 hoursCaliber 3285, Self-winding, offering a power reserve of about 70 hours
Price pointLower compared to PepsiHigher price due to longer history and widespread recognition

1. Bezel comparison

The Pepsi variant has a bright red and blue bezel that resembles the colors of Pan American World Airways. This bezel combination is instantly identifiable and has come to represent Rolex’s creativity in watchmaking.

Meanwhile, the Coke edition has a bright red and black bezel for a contemporary and powerful appearance. Introduced in 1983, the Coke model enjoys a particular position in Rolex’s history, being the first GMT-Master II version.

2. Case and bracelet

The most recent Rolex Pepsi model has a Cerachrom bezel and a bigger bezel than previous models due to the brand-new “Super Case” design.

On the other hand, the earlier, smaller case with thinner lugs and crown guards, together with an aluminum bezel inlays, is used in the Rolex Coke model.

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3. Material options

The Rolex Pepsi is available in stainless steel, known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. This material ensures that the watch can withstand the rigors of daily wear while maintaining its pristine appearance. 

For those who seek an even more luxurious option, the Rolex Pepsi is also offered in white gold. This precious metal adds an extra layer of elegance and exclusivity to the watch. 

Unlike Rolex Pepsi, the Rolex Coke is exclusively available in stainless steel. This choice of material highlights the model’s focus on robustness and reliability. 

rolex coke vs pepsi

Market Trends and Value for Long-Term Potential

Both the Rolex Coke and Pepsi gain higher value over time, making them ideal candidates for family heirlooms passed down through generations.

When it comes to market trends, both models enjoy significant popularity and desirability. Determining a clear favorite in terms of popularity is challenging, as each boasts a devoted following. 

However, the Rolex Pepsi, with its extensive history, is often revered as a classic, embodying timeless design principles. Additionally, being the earlier release, some may deem it more valuable due to its historical or vintage charm.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the Rolex Pepsi, it is currently available at Luxehouze with prices starting from IDR 380,000,000. 

rolex coke vs pepsi

Choosing Between Rolex Coke or Pepsi

Now that you’re acquainted with the variances between the two, which would you prefer? Here’s a brief summary of Rolex Coke versus Pepsi.

1. Pepsi: Attention-grabber

The Rolex Pepsi is perfect for individuals who seek to showcase a bold and unique personality. Its vibrant blue dial combined with the striking red and blue bezel ensures it stands out and makes a strong style statement.

2. Coke: Understated elegance

On the other hand, the Rolex Coke is ideal for those who appreciate understated elegance. With its classic black and red bezel, the Coke model offers a timeless and refined look, appealing to those who favor a more subdued yet sophisticated style.

More About Rolex GMT-Master II

Rolex Pepsi and Coke aren’t the sole models within the GMT-Master II series. Numerous other options exist, each earning its nickname due to the distinctive dual-color bezel. 

For instance, there’s the Sprite, featuring black and green hues, and the Rolex Batman, adorned in black and blue. 

The video below will delve deeper into these titles and explore additional offerings within the GMT-Master II collection.

Ultimately, the Rolex Pepsi and Rolex Coke models stand out as famous watches, each with its own unique charm and rich history. Now, it’s time to choose your preferred GMT-Master II model, which you can get at Luxehouze.

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