The name Dennis Rodman is no stranger to basketball fans. To honor the NBA legend, Skeleton Concept just released a custom limited-edition Rolex GMT Master II that comes in only 50 pieces. Let’s take a closer look at this collaboration!

The Dennis Rodman Concept vs. Rolex Original GMT-Master II, What’s the Difference?

The Dennis Rodman Concept has come a long way before making it to the market. It took two years to develop the timepiece, crafted in Vallée de Joux and designed and made by a team of skilled artisans from various regions of Switzerland.

The team decided to maintain the sporty skeletonized look of the GMT-Master II skeleton edition while replacing the original stainless-steel case with a red and black carbon one. This contributes to giving aesthetic value to the watch and symbolizes Rodman’s unique persona.

For the finishing touch, they use a transparent sapphire case back, one of Skeleton Concept’s signature features. Users can see a stunning view of the watch’s movement through this case and can choose between two bracelet options: a black Rubber B Velcro Series strap or a red nylon velcro strap.

Who is Dennis Rodman?

Dennis Rodman has played a significant role in the history of the NBA. The former basketball player is best known as the greatest rebounder and defensive player.

From 1991 to 1998, he set new records for seven consecutive games. Through this achievement, he was rewarded seven times with the NBA All-Defensive First Team honors and won the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award twice.

Although he retired in 2000, many still consider him a living legend. His reputation is one of the main reasons for Skeleton Concept to team up with him in presenting a special edition watch.

Is the Skeleton Concept Part of Rolex?

Despite producing special edition Rolex watches, Skeleton Concept is not affiliated with Rolex. They are an independent artisanal atelier that uses technical innovation to personalize and modify watches.

In this case, Skeleton Concept carried out Rolex GMT-Master II modification through careful hand-crafting to craft The Dennis Rodman Concept.

How to Purchase The Dennis Rodman Concept

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