Rolex is, without question, one of the most prestigious and respected luxury watch brands in the world, a position it has held throughout its history. The brand’s rich heritage has resulted in diverse collections, each embodying its unique character and purpose as a type of Rolex watch. 

Some of these collections date back to earlier eras, while others have evolved and adapted to modern sensibilities, remaining in high demand today. Among the most revered Rolex collections are the Yacht-Master, Submariner, GMT-Master II, and Daytona, to name but a few. 

Let’s discover the full spectrum of Rolex’s most popular collections and the distinctive qualities that set each one apart.

5 Leading Types of Rolex Watch Collections

Each of Rolex’s collection models boasts distinct characteristics. The purpose behind your purchase will play a pivotal role in determining which Rolex watch aligns perfectly with your lifestyle and aspirations.

Below, we present five of the most prominent types of Rolex watch lines, each with its own unique charm and utility.

1. Yacht-Master

type of rolex watch

In 1992, Rolex introduced the Yacht-Master collection, offering men’s and women’s styles. The Rolex Yacht-Master presents a range of options, with dials available in whole or mid-size, and it is provided in various materials, including stainless steel, gold, and the highly coveted platinum variant.

The initial Yacht-Master model employed the caliber 3135 movement, reminiscent of the Submariner and Sea-Dweller models. While bearing a maritime-themed name, it’s worth noting that the Yacht-Master is not intended for rigorous watersports, being water-resistant up to only 100 meters. 

One of the standout features of the Yacht-Master is its rotating bezel crafted from precious metal, a unique attribute among Rolex models, used for setting the regatta timer. 

By turning the bezel 90 degrees anticlockwise, wearers can set the timer, counting down the crucial ten minutes between the starting gun signaling the race’s commencement and the moment your yacht is allowed to cross the starting line.

2. GMT-Master II 

The GMT-Master II, a distinguished type of Rolex watch collection with roots dating back to the 1970s, was initially conceived to serve the needs of pilots. This timepiece revolutionized the world of horology by introducing the concept of dual time zone functionality to the wristwatch.

GMT-Master II is the modern iteration of GMT-Master. The watch employs independent adjustment of the 24-hour hand from the conventional 12-hour hand. This innovation enabled the display of three distinct time zones simultaneously. 

Beyond its exceptional functionality, the GMT-Master series also garnered attention for its versatility. Its robust design allowed it to withstand depths of up to 30 meters, and including a 31-jewel movement, waterproof case, and Rolex Quickset added to its allure.

Among its various iterations, the ‘Pepsi Cola’ model, renowned for its blue and red day/night bezel, stands as the most iconic. 

However, the collection offers other celebrated variations such as the ‘Coke’ (red and black bezel), ‘Root Beer’ (brown and black bezel), and ‘Batman’ (blue and black bezel), each with its own unique appeal. 

3. Submariner

type of rolex watch

The Rolex Submariner is a timeless classic, debuting in 1954 as a  successor to the original 1923 Oyster. The watch is often hailed as the quintessential dive watch. It marked one of the earliest instances of a water-resistant wristwatch and was pivotal in establishing Rolex’s reputation.

To this day, it remains the benchmark for dive watches, equipped with essential professional features: a unidirectional rotating bezel, a robust case, and an impressive water resistance of 300 meters.

Submariner is known as the type of Rolex watch that is versatile. Its uncluttered dial design, combined with the availability of various metals and dial colors, allows it to complement any attire or occasion effortlessly.

In its most recent redesign, the Submariner saw a slight alteration in size, with a 41mm case that is slimmer and more refined. The watch now boasts subtly redesigned hands and is available in date- and time-only versions. 

4. Datejust

The Datejust stands out as the ideal Rolex watch for any occasion because of its versatility. The collection was first introduced in 1945 to commemorate the brand’s 40th anniversary.

It is the first automatic watch to feature a date window, and the date change process used to commence before midnight. However, since 1955, Rolex has perfected this mechanism to provide an instantaneous date change precisely at midnight.

The Rolex Datejust is available in various sizes, from 37mm to 41mm. It also offers an astonishing array of dial colors, ensuring a perfect choice for every discerning taste. 

Originally designed with a Jubilee bracelet, today’s Rolex Datejust watches come equipped with Oyster bands, adding a modern touch to this iconic model. The Datejust is offered in various two-tone configurations, such as steel and yellow gold or steel and rose gold.

5. Daytona

type of rolex watch

The Rolex Daytona, aptly named after the renowned race and speedway, became famous when the legendary actor Paul Newman was spotted wearing his Rolex Daytona at racing events. 

Paul Newman became the face of the watch to the extent that a particular dial style was named after him. The dial is characterized by a stark black-and-white contrast with an exotic dial and a subdial-matched 60-second ring. 

This remarkable timepiece is available in various configurations, including stainless steel, 18-carat gold, and a combination of stainless steel and 18-carat solid gold.

The collection wasn’t the first watch equipped with a tachymeter, but it undeniably became the most successful of its kind. Its distinctive three-sub dial layout is instantly recognizable, as is its engraved bezel. 

As of 2023, it features the exceptional 4131 calibre movement, widely regarded as one of the finest chronographs. 

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