There are numerous sources of inspiration when it comes to designing wedding dresses. For Christie Basil, inspiration stems from the personal stories of each of her clients. 

She told this to Luxehouze during a recent meeting. Luxehouze recently had the opportunity to visit the designer’s workshop, where we witnessed firsthand the creative process and the line of gowns she has created.

Christie Basil has consistently asked her clients to share their life stories and backgrounds from the outset of her career as a dress designer. These narratives are then transformed into dress design concepts. 

“I simply engage in conversations with them, listen to their stories, and then contemplate how we can incorporate their stories into embroidery,” she said.

Numerous design ideas can be derived from the stories of her clients, including embroidery motifs, silhouette designs, and even textual details. 

To obtain these stories, she meticulously prepares interview questions. These questions are crafted to encourage her clients to delve deeper into the narratives of their lives.

Indirectly, this practice sets her apart from other dress designers. Most designers are recognized for their signature styles or specific types of dresses they create. 

Conversely, Christie Basil confesses that she does not adhere to a particular design characteristic. Nevertheless, her ability to draw inspiration from her clients’ stories distinguishes her from other designers.

“I am primarily known through the feedback of the brides I work with. I am highly versatile, perhaps because I focus on their stories,” she shares.

Prioritizing storytelling over distinct design traits, the designer acknowledges that her work does not boast a Unique Selling Point but centers around the concept of a Unique Story Point. This focus on each client’s journey enables her to craft dresses with more profound meaning and significance.

Childhood Inspirations and the Beginnings of Entrepreneurship

Behind Christie Basil’s career journey lies the figure of her grandmother, who served as her initial source of inspiration. From a young age, she received her grandmother’s affection, demonstrated through mending and fixing worn-out clothes.

“From that moment, I felt that was how Oma expressed her feelings. So, for me, fashion became one of the love languages, a means to communicate emotions,” she reveals.

Unbeknownst to her, this early experience deepened her love for sewing, craftsmanship, and personal appearance. 

Naturally, her success manifests not only in her dress designs but also in her business acumen. Her works have been marketed and sold successfully, yielding profits.

During her meeting with Luxehouze, Christie Basil opened up about her entrepreneurial past. From a young age, she sold snacks and bags alongside her sister. 

As time progressed and more people turned to Instagram for commerce, she expanded her business to the point where she could supply products to Singapore.

Given her experiences, it is no surprise that, to this day, she has also managed to turn her design creations into a promising business venture.

Tips Mix and Match ala Christie Basil

Following her inspiring journey, Luxehouze presented a challenge to combine fashion with a collection of luxury watches and Hermès bags. As a seasoned designer, this task was a breeze for Christie Basil. 

Two distinct looks emerged from this challenge, the first being a combination of the Hermès Kelly 18 Epsom Nata and the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tiffany Blue watch, paired with a striking black and icy blue dress.

christie basil

The Hermès Kelly boasts an off-white hue, so it is best complemented with garments that offer a sharp contrast. Additionally, you can enhance the ensemble with accessories that harmonize with the colors of the dress and the bag. 

“Although it involves three tones, it doesn’t overwhelm because off-white is a neutral color. This ensemble is suitable for both evening events and weddings,” she explained.

Furthermore, she shared a second look by combining the Hermès Birkin Gold Epsom with a Rolex Pink Datejust watch. Christie Basil dons a rose-colored dress that complements the Hermès Birkin. To infuse vitality into the color scheme, she opts for a pink dress with a different tone. 

christie basil

“The softness of the rose top contrasts beautifully with the Birkin’s darker gold shade. This allows the colors to match while ensuring each piece stands out.”

The looks crafted by Christie Basil can inspire your everyday style. The Luxehouze online marketplace offers an extensive selection of Hermès bags, Rolex, and Audemars Piguet watches. 

If you wish to examine the products in person, you can visit the Luxehouze boutique at Prosperity Tower unit 8AF, SCBD, South Jakarta. Discover your preferred luxury fashion goods at Luxehouze today!